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We love showing off our EasyFolds!

We’ve shipped thousands of EasyFolds across Canada from London, Ontario. We know everyone can’t make the trip themselves. That’s why we offer free shipping, our Easy 30-Day return policy, and do our best to make some videos showing them off!

Below, you’ll find demonstration videos, how-to videos and a couple of bloopers because we’re no actors.

If you have any requests for another video that we should make: Email Us or Give us a Call at 1-855-444-8488


The Best Electric Wheelchair for Travel

Air Travel Made Easy

EasyFold’s batteries fit inside the frame of the chair. By encasing them in metal, this allows us to meet nearly all airline authority requirements. Allowing you to ride through airports, all the way to the airplane itself.

When it’s time to get off, your EasyFold will be waiting for you at the plane door.

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Easyfold Elite Portable Power Wheelchair

Thanks for your prompt reply Rick. You answered all my questions – and the new manual is SO much clearer.
I appreciate your help. And I had a great first outing yesterday. I wheeled myself up to Dundas Street West and had lunch at a crowded cafe and was able to manoeuvre around easily.

I LOVE my Easy Rider!!

Lindsay / April 26, 2019
male profile head

My new powerchair is better than I ever expected. It steering is amazing, better than any other chair by miles. It is so comfortable, I can be in it for an entire day without getting a sore behind. I love how easy it is to transfer, the arms flip right up. I looked at other companies but the EasyFold was the only Canadian company that have been in the wheelchair business for many years and understand their clients. They also have an actual store with a huge display!

Dave Neary / Oct 28, 2019

“….This unit now suits my needs perfectly. I can easily get it folded, and into my Kia Minivan without struggling, and yet, have it unfolded and ready to go within (literally) seconds when needed at my destination.

Kudos to Mobility 1st plus Shaun and Rick and their staff, for a job well done! Take it from me, these are the people to do business with…read full review

Edmund W. / March 15, 2018

This is my first power wheelchair. I have always had a scooter. The turning is so easy and compact in small places. It is beautiful to look at and my dream wheelchair. It is perfect for someone with disabilities and a wonderful thing. The designer new what someone with disabilities would need.

Francois A / February 27, 2017

I like the larger Hand Control Nob on the HD Unit as I have used power chairs with the Finger Nob and found them difficult to control due the shakiness of my hands. In comparison to other chairs I have used, this chair seems more stable on slopes. The Unit appears sturdy and well constructed, and is stiff to fold and unfold, until I use it more, which I also think speaks well for the construction. I am not much on writing reviews, or giving ratings, but I would give it a 4.5. Reduced only by the lack of an adjustable seat.

Dave Neary / December 4, 2016
male profile head

Got my elite power chair in May. Took it on holidays to Nova Scotia and used it on smooth hard walkways as well as on other surfaces without any problems. The batteries were fantastic, used for hours at a time, and never seemed to run down. Love my chair, can keep up with the rest of the family. I’m 76 and suffer from back disability and a regular walker is fine for short distances but can now travel long distances over a longer period of time.

Walter Wroblowsky / September 4, 2019