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Why Use Electric Powerchairs That Weigh Less & Are More Portable?

The motorized wheelchair or electric wheelchair has gained a stronghold in the market, thanks to its exclusive functionalities and features. The market is flooded with some extraordinary powerchairs. It is developed to meet the needs and demands of the users. Different people have different needs through their wheelchairs. The folding wheelchair is more foldable and […]

EasyFold Scooter – Your Advanced Mobility Solution

One of the biggest hurdles that older adults face is their limited abilities to move independently. It is more often seen that the elderly face the issues of moving around, and it gets frustrating for them. They have to be dependent on others to move from one area to another. It has been observed that […]

How To Load Easyfold Pro 2.0 Into Your Vehicle Without The Use Of A Ramp?

Accessing or using a wheelchair is something that people with mobility issues or concerns love to do. They experience joy and freedom to explore the neighbourhood and live their life without any mobility issues. This comfort and independence make them happy. The wheelchairs are of a different kind- manual and electric. If you are using […]

Powerchair Or Traditional Wheelchair- Which Is The Best Mobility Solution For You?

Wheelchairs have proven their worth in the market already. It has given them hope to the people with mobility issues that they can move again, easily. The traditional wheelchairs have a seating surface with wheels. It allows people with mobility concerns to explore the experience of moving around easily. The traditional wheelchairs are large and […]

EasyFold PRO 2.0 – Regain your ability to travel

Prepare yourself for a better and improved travel experience even when you are in a wheelchair. There is a myth among people that when once you are in a wheelchair, you lose your independence, your social life and your ability to travel. Remember, these are just myths. Get yourself LIGHTWEIGHT Electric Wheelchair and, you are all set […]

Why You Should Invest In EasyfoldPRO 2.0?

The elderly and disabled people require to move independently, for which they need powerful equipment. Power wheelchairs have gained excellent popularity in this regard. Power wheelchairs are electric wheelchairs that run perfectly on the convenience of the individuals using them. The ease and convenience that it supplies are excellent. Even though power chairs have electric […]

EasyFold Scooter-Bestselling Electric Vehicle for Older Adults

Ageing causes immense problems to people. With age comes a lot of physical trouble for individuals. It decreases human mobility and independence. The quality of life decreases for people as they age. It affects their overall health and confidence as well. The changes that a body feels during ageing lead to problems with mobility or […]

EasyFold Scooter – Your Most Affordable Travel Partner

Travel for adults becomes difficult once they reach a certain age. They have to be dependent on others for every travel – even the smallest ones like going to the store. Understanding your troubles, EasyFold introduces its advanced mobility solution for you- the EasyFold Scooter! It is a compact, travel scooter that can fold or […]

Best Selling Electric Power Wheelchairs in Canada

With the technological advancements and innovations around us, our life has been sorted in many ways. One of the best innovations that are playing a significant role in changing our lives for the better are the electric wheelchairs. Also known as power wheelchairs. This modern innovation has helped in creating a sense of independence among […]

6 Popular Wheelchair Accessories at Easyfold Canada

6 popular wheelchair accessories

6 Popular Wheelchair Accessories at Easyfold Canada. We’ve based our list of the 6 most popular accessories on pricing and convenience features. The popularity list is based on the number of accessories sold in the last 6 months. Mounted Flashlight Our adjustable flashlight attaches great to our armchairs and is very durable. Excellent to help […]