Best Selling Electric Power Wheelchairs in Canada

Best Selling Electric Power Wheelchairs in Canada

With the technological advancements and innovations around us, our life has been sorted in many ways. One of the best innovations that are playing a significant role in changing our lives for the better are the electric wheelchairs. Also known as power wheelchairs.

This modern innovation has helped in creating a sense of independence among the seniors or the users. These wheelchairs enable their occupants to do their tasks freely and move independently. It relieves them from any kind of physical strain while using the wheelchair.

Mobility limitations affect a large number of individuals around Canada. They are also the largest and fastest-growing demographic. Catering to their needs the power wheelchairs help them improve their mobility, social participation and quality of life. It plays a significant role in decreasing their pain and discomfort and helping them to boost their confidence and mental health.

Considering its benefits and exclusive services people are inclined to buy a power wheelchair. But very often they seem to be confused or puzzled about the wheelchair that will best suit them. This dilemma causes them to toss away the plan of making a purchase; and, stick to their previous old-fashioned wheelchair.

Don’t get intimidated by the various options available in the market. Get to know your product better before making the ultimate choice of purchasing it.

Best Selling Electric Power Wheelchairs

Here, we bring to you a thorough guide about the features, price and benefits of the best-selling power wheelchairs. Let us help you to get rid of your mobility limitations by providing you with a complete picture of best-selling products.

EasyFold Pro 2.0

Being one of the most popular electric wheelchairs in the market, EasyFold Pro 2.0 has proved to be an ideal companion for many. It is a powerful model that caters to meet your everyday mobility needs easily.

The EasyFold Pro 2.0 is a good companion for your mobility needs. With its quick and easy folding features, it fits into a compact size and serves to be an ideal partner for meeting your requirements.

It is a top-selling product in Canada. The wheelchair is designed to fit all shapes and sizes and carry up to 369 lbs weight. The product is compact and has several features incorporated within it, which ensure providing unmatchable services to all.

If you are a new wheelchair user, then you will have an amazing experience with this product. And if you are already used to a wheelchair, then EasyFold Pro 2.0 will help you get an effortless experience.

For many people, who are bound by a wheelchair, travelling becomes a daunting task. Even if they want to travel, taking their wheelchair with them becomes a problem for its size and weight. With EasyFold Pro 2.0, you can forget these tensions at home. Being a well-designed electric power wheelchair it is effortlessly folded to a size that can easily fit at the back of your car.

Despite its rich features and detailed comfort, it is a lightweight product, which can be carried or lifted to any place without the help of a ramp.

Features of EasyFold Pro 2.0:

Do you want to know what makes EasyFold Pro 2.0 a top best-selling electric power wheelchair in Canada? Check out its features:

  • Reclining Back Rest & Flip Back Armrest

Taking rest in your wheelchair and giving your back some relief is possible with EasyFold Pro 2.0. It comes with a reclining backrest. For ensuring easy access and transfer, the product consists of a flip-back armrest.

It is perfectly designed to provide your body with the comfort that it requires. Your hands, your back, everything will get perfect rest options.

  • Compact & Portable

With 59 lbs weight, the power wheelchair is a lightweight product available in the market. It is equipped with a hassle-free folding mechanism, which quickly turns this wheelchair into a compact size product.

After folding, the size of the wheelchair turns into a compact one that is easily stored in a small closet or storage space.

  • User-Friendly Operations

The electric power wheelchair comes with user-friendly operational features. The movement of the wheelchair is operated through a joystick. It can be moved to either side- left or right- for swift operations.

The users can turn on the wheelchair with a simple touch of a button. If you intend to use this wheelchair in crowded or busy places, you can use the horn to alert people and make way for yourself. It makes your movement easy and free of any chaos.

  • Ideal Mobility Companion

With its exclusive and powerful features, it makes an ideal mobile companion for all. EasyFold Pro 2.0 provides the users with the comfort that they always looked for in a wheelchair. This power electric wheelchair gives power to the users’ hands, making them feel at liberty and comfortable.

EasyFold Electric Wheelchair (Standard Model)

It is one of the lightest portable power wheelchairs in Canada. This lightweight electric power wheelchair is ideal for users. It is used for indoors or lighter terrains.

The wheelchair is lightweight, perfect for making your mobility simple and easy. If you are looking for a wheelchair that can help you to move swiftly indoors then go for EasyFold Electric Wheelchair (Standard Model).

It is effortless to use and quick to fold to a compact size. Being an airline-approved wheelchair, it is your perfect travel companion.

EasyFold Electric Wheelchair (Standard Model) has notable features that make it a best-selling electric power wheelchair in Canada. Designed and developed for the people and terrains of Canada, this electric power wheelchair is perfectly suitable to give the users the comfort that they are looking for.

It is lightweight and compact and is ideal for carrying the passenger up to 265 pounds. It is easy to fold and unfold. This electric wheelchair is known for providing the passenger with the comfort and liberty to move around smoothly.

Features of EasyFold Electric Wheelchair (Standard Model):

The EasyFold Electric Wheelchair (Standard Model) has distinctive features that guarantee comfort and a great mobility option. Let us explore few features that make it one of the best-selling electric wheelchairs in Canada:

  • Easy-to-Use

The electric power wheelchair contains a joystick, which makes mobility easy for the user. The joystick can be mounted on either side-left or right, depending on your comfort. Operating the wheelchair through the joysticks is simple and easy for every user. With a simple touch on a button, you can turn on your wheelchair, and it is all set to help you move around.

Moving in crowded and busy places on the wheelchair is also easy and hassle-free. All you need to do is use the horn to alert people in front of you and make way for yourself. There is a LED battery that allows you to monitor your battery life.

  • Lightweight & Compact

The EasyFold Electric Wheelchair (Standard Model) weighs only 46 pounds! It is lightweight and easy to carry. You can load it into a vehicle without the use of a ramp. Compared to other electric wheelchairs, which are heavy and expensive, this wheelchair is easy to afford and is lightweight.

It folds down in a compact shape, making it easy to carry with you in your car. Being sleek and compact, it also allows you to store the product in any storage box or side cabinet.

  • Comfortable to move around

With EasyFold Electric Wheelchair (Standard Model) you can ride up to the airplane door. Meeting the FAA, DOT and TSSA regulations, the electric power wheelchair is approved by the airlines. It is safe for travel by air, train, cruise ships and bus.

With this model of a wheelchair, you can plan your next travel journey comfortably. You can disengage the electric brake and push the chair manually.

It does not restrict you or your movement in any way. In fact, this electric power wheelchair gives you the independence of moving without any hurdle.

Resolve your movement issues with our best-selling electric power wheelchairs. Get in touch with our executives and get answers to your queries.


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