EasyFold PRO 2.0 - Regain your ability to travel

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EasyFold PRO 2.0 – Regain your ability to travel

EasyFold PRO 2.0

Prepare yourself for a better and improved travel experience even when you are in a wheelchair. There is a myth among people that when once you are in a wheelchair, you lose your independence, your social life and your ability to travel. Remember, these are just myths. Get yourself LIGHTWEIGHT Electric Wheelchair and, you are all set to live your normal life at the normal pace. 

The electric wheelchair also known as a powerchair is equipped with excellent and user-friendly features, which make your life easier. Whatever your cause for getting stuck with your wheelchair- be it your age or your physical inability, the powerchairs will never fail to impress you.

Many people consider that a wheelchair can decrease human mobility and independence. It can affect their overall health and confidence. But with powerchairs, you can experience mobility at its best. These wheelchairs are designed to make it a point that you don’t face any problems or issues with your mobility.

With its comfortable seating and other features, the wheelchair makes sure that your body is not hurt or disturbed when it is on movement. Your comfort is the foremost priority, followed by mobility.

Most Popular Electric Wheelchair in Canada

EasyFold Pro 2.0 is the most popular electric wheelchair in Canada. It is designed by professionals, who understand and have knowledge about scientific features, machine mechanisms and human comfort. With the professional minds being in use, the product developed practical functions for the users and has all necessary features that can improve one’s lifestyle immensely. 

From being a compact product to giving the users the freedom to make adjustable changes to the wheelchair that can be comfortable, this electric wheelchair has everything. It is what the people today are asking for.

Gone are the days when people used to take out time for their loved ones (who are wheelchair-bound) and take them on a walk in the neighbourhood area. This was mostly followed as people understood the importance of socializing and being connected, especially for the ones, who cannot move around on their own.

But with the change of time, the advent of technologies and strict schedules, it has become difficult for individuals to take quality time out for taking the affected person on a walk. Moreover, today’s elderlies and the modern generations who are bound to wheelchairs for their physical inabilities, prefer to take charge of their life. They want to be in control and thus need a product that can guarantee them. Hence, the popularity of EasyFold Pro 2.0.

Improve your quality of life with a product that suits your preferences. And, allow yourself to do anything which you would prefer to do.

Wheelchair that folds in a compact size

If you love organized and well-settled things, then this best-selling powerchair  is what you need the most. It won’t create a mess by lying open when unused. You can just click on the push button, and the wheelchair will fold itself in a compact size. 

You need not put in any effort to fold or unfold it. Sit back, push a button and get your wheelchair ready or folded whenever you need. This compact size allows you to store it in any small place, such as inside the trunk of a car or store in a smaller closet or in a compact storage space. It won’t trouble you with its presence around, giving you all the space that you need.

Easy operations that are user-friendly

The powerchair is designed for being user-friendly. Every function that you need to perform for its smooth movement can be easily done. It has a powered joystick attached to it, which gives the users the liberty to easily control the operations.

Another great feature of EasyFold Pro 2.0 is that the powered joystick can be moved to either side- left or right-hand, depending on your requirement. The wheelchair becomes functional or turns on with a simple touch of a button. For your comfort, it also has a horn attached to it. The horn allows you to alert people of your presence when you are visiting any crowded place.

Indoors or outdoors, your movement is never restricted

You wish to move around in any place near you, don’t worry the EasyFold Electric Wheelchair will help you do that without any problem. With the help of these wheelchairs, you can move around easily and go to any place that you like. Travel indoors freely, and if you want to move outdoors, even that is not an issue for you.

The wheels of the power chair allow you to comfortably move around in any direction or any terrain. Your movement is never restricted again. Feel free to roam around within your house or around your neighbourhood.

Your ideal travel companion

The powerchair is an ideal companion for every individual who loves travelling. The EasyFold Pro 2.0 is airline approved and also meets FAA, DOT and TSSA regulations. This makes it safe to travel through air, train, bus or even cruise ships.

It helps you to travel around the world with ease. You will never have to miss out on any plans your friends make. Be confident and say yes to your travel plans.

Comfortable features for your body

The lightweight electric wheelchairs are made to be friendly for your body. It folds down to a compact size and can be loaded on a car without even using the ramp. The EasyFold PRO 2.0 has a reclining backrest that allows you to be more comfortable.

It also has an arm and leg rest. You can ride it with confidence and be comfortable about it too.

Make Your Life Easier With Powerchair

Get yourself the powerful powerchair available in Canada and ensure that your mobility is never hindered again. Make your life easier and have the best companion to move around confidently. The best part of this wheelchair is that you can get it at the most affordable price. Go on a move, be free, and you can do all that within your budget.

If you want to know any more features of EasyFold Pro 2.0 and need any assistance in purchasing it just, get in touch with us. Our team of experts is always available to answer your queries and help you thoroughly.

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