Enjoy Freedom With Easyfold Electric Wheelchair

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Enjoy Freedom With EasyFold Electric Wheelchair

Enjoy Freedom With EasyFold Electric Wheelchair

Electric wheelchairs are known for providing exclusive, and high-end mobility needs to all users. It serves the purpose of maintaining a good life for them all. The powerchairs offer a better and improved travel experience to all the individuals, who are bound to their wheelchairs.

Your wheelchair isn’t the end of your mobility. You ought not to live a life that is not similar to your previous one. Roaming around, going out, meeting your friends or even moving around in your home, nothing is impossible for you with an electric wheelchair.

Many people are also scared of using electric wheelchairs, as they fear being electric can give them a shock or might suddenly come to a halt mid-way. Also, the exclusive travel experience that you used to enjoy before, is now considered to be lost, when you are in a wheelchair.

However, let us tell you this… All the things mentioned in the above paragraphs are nothing more than myths! Yes, you heard it right… these are myths!

So, why do you think, we are saying this? No, no, it’s not a bluff! We have proof of everything that we are saying!

Still not believing us? Okay, read ahead and get to know, what we already know!

Electric Wheelchair Is Portable!

An electric wheelchair is designed and developed to suit the needs of the users. Manufactured from a durable lightweight aluminum alloy, it is light-in-weight and portable. Being lightweight, it is easy to carry with you wherever you go.

The front and back wheels of the wheelchair ensure that the movement of the wheelchair is all easy and smooth. For effortless movement, you ought to have this amazing mobility aid.

EasyFold Electric Wheelchair is one such excellent wheelchair that is occupied with various features which will leave you in awe. It is also the ideal answer to your mobility needs. Being light-weight, electric and having secured wheels, allow you to take this power chair to any location, any terrain, and enjoy a comfortable ride.

Folds Into A Compact Size!

If you are a person, who loves a well-organized setting around them, then you must opt for an electric wheelchair. Unlike the traditional wheelchair, the powerchairs can easily be folded into a compact size, when not in use. You will not have them in your room, blocking the room’s view and beauty.

The best thing is that you don’t need to put a lot of effort into folding it! When folded down, it can easily come to a compact size that allows you to store it in a small area, like in a small closet, the trunk of a car, etc. If you don’t want others to notice it, its presence can easily be wrapped up, giving others all the space, they need to move around.

EasyFold Electric Wheelchairs Have User-Friendly Operations

One of the most common reasons electric wheelchairs are so popular in the market is their user-friendly operations. It is equipped with every function that you need to perform for your independent movement. Every function that you need to perform for moving around is possible with electric wheelchairs.

The control of your movement is in your own hands. Top lightweight electric wheelchairs, such as EasyFold Electric Wheelchair, come with a powered joystick that has all the controls for your movement. Operating it is child’s play.

Doesn’t matter if you are a left-handed or right-handed person, the joystick and controls will never be an issue for you. You can easily move the joystick to the side that you are comfortable with and voila! You’re all set to move around.

At EasyFold Canada, we strive to provide affordable and dependable mobility solutions. See for yourself why we are Canada's #1 portable power chair provider shop now

Comfortable Features For Your Body

Many people have complained of body sores and body pains due to their elongated use of a wheelchair. Having to sit there for a long time can be quite painful too. Understanding the issues, electric wheelchairs are designed.

It has all comfortable features for your body and folds down to a compact size, making it ideal for your body and surrounding. With its reclining backrest and flip-back armrest, it allows you to get comfortable in a wheelchair. It also guarantees some to bring some possible relief to your body, considering your elongated use of the wheelchair.

The designers have given in-depth thought to the design of these powerchairs that ensure you can enjoy your independent movement without feeling discomfort.

Carry It With Your Anywhere!

Yes, another amazing benefit of using electric wheelchairs is that you don’t have to leave them behind you while travelling. Popular power chairs such as EasyFold Electric Wheelchair are airline approved. These products are also developed meeting the FAA, DOT and TSA regulations, which makes them safe to carry or travel with through train, air, bus, or even cruise ships.

Do you love to travel? There’s no one to stop you! Just start making your plans. Be confident in your plans and start moving around, easily.

Many people often worry about how they can load the wheelchair into their car trunk. Using a ramp is an ideal condition for many, however, it is not suitable for all. You want to achieve complete independence but then having to use a ramp, you need physical force for which you need to be dependent on others.

It becomes a complex and irritating process. You don’t need to go through them. You can easily carry your wheelchair from your home to your car and load it, using EasyFold Lift. It is a great product that can be operated through a remote and has wheels, making it easy for you to sit comfortably while performing the loading functions on your own!

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