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Bienvenue à notre nouveau modèle d’EasyFold, le PRO!


EasyFold Pro est abordable, élégant et extrêmement flexible. Le EasyFold arrivera à votre porte entièrement assemblé, ainsi que les batteries seront chargées et l’EasyFold est prêt à être utilisé dès jour 1 ! Ce fauteuil roulant électrique portable présente des caractéristiques que tout le monde aime, telles que des caractéristiques de sécurité étonnantes: le repose-pieds […]

Top 5 Things To Consider When Purchasing A Power Wheelchair

power wheelchair

It is important to think carefully when buying mobility devices to ensure you are buying the best power wheelchair for your own needs and it’s no secret that each person has very distinct needs. Wheelchairs can differ in many aspects which could have an impact on your overall accessibility and satisfaction. Listed below are some […]

New EasyFold Elite Plus Model

Elite Plus

EasyFold’s popularity has been on the rise and our customers often write glowing testimonies about the EasyFold wheelchair. However, we at EasyFold Canada are taught to believe that there is always room for improvement. We rarely get customer complaints but sometimes some customers require more interior space than the Elite and Standard models offer. We […]

EasyFold Portable Power Wheelchair

portable power wheelchair

Do you find yourself trapped between four walls because of mobility limitations? Do you find yourself on the outside looking in, feeling excluded from the happiness that only comes from interacting with others? Do you desire to be more mobile but must rely on others to get around? At Easyfold Canada, we’re confident that we […]

5 Tips for Handling Winter in a Power Wheelchair

5 Tips for Handling Winter in Power Wheelchair

Dreading this winter season? Dealing with snowy, and windy conditions can be quite a challenge for wheelchair users, and you might be tempted to go into hibernation mode for the next few months. Although it’s safe to stay inside, you don’t have to let the not-so-ideal conditions keep you at home for the entire season. […]