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EasyFold is the lightweight power wheelchair. Light enough to place in the trunk of your car, easy enough for anyone with hand mobility to maneuver and portable enough to fly with. These wheelchairs offer you what others in the past couldn’t the “Freedom” to get around quickly, efficiently with enough power to take you up and down hills on different surfaces like gravel and grass, safely and easily.

These mobility wheelchairs take away the difficulty of some heavier chairs and give you back the mobility to be independent, comfortable and affordable.

Quadriporteur Portable EasyFold


Quadriporteur Portable EasyFoldEst-ce que la mobilité limitée vous force à rester chez vous? EasyFold Canada peut vous aider! Vous pouvez visiter les places que vous aimez sans de souci avez le quadriporteur portable EasyFold. Ce fauteuil roulant électrique est parfait pour ceux qui veulent voyager autour du pays ou monde. Il est aussi compacte et […]

Top 5 Things To Consider When Purchasing A Power Wheelchair

power wheelchair

It is important to think carefully when buying mobility devices to ensure you are buying the best power wheelchair for your own needs and it’s no secret that each person has very distinct needs. Wheelchairs can differ in many aspects which could have an impact on your overall accessibility and satisfaction. Listed below are some […]

5 Tips for Handling Winter in a Power Wheelchair

5 Tips for Handling Winter in Power Wheelchair

Dreading this winter season? Dealing with snowy, and windy conditions can be quite a challenge for wheelchair users, and you might be tempted to go into hibernation mode for the next few months. Although it’s safe to stay inside, you don’t have to let the not-so-ideal conditions keep you at home for the entire season. […]

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