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EasyFold Portable Power Wheelchair

Do you find yourself trapped between four walls because of mobility limitations? Do you find yourself on the outside looking in, feeling excluded from the happiness that only comes from interacting with others? Do you desire to be more mobile but must rely on others to get around?

At Easyfold Canada, we’re confident that we can provide you with a lightweight portable power chair that will give you the gift of mobility independence and suit your needs – We also have an extensive wheelchair accessories section, where you’ll find plenty of customization options to help you ensure that your wheelchair is a perfect fit.

Weighing between 46 lbs to 56 lbs, these portable power wheelchairs offer true mobility independence. As a true transportable electric wheelchair, its compact size, ideal for being stored in confined spaces such as the trunk of vehicles or even a broom closet. As well for compact driving through hallways, isle lanes or narrow doorways. The lightweight frames easily fold into manageable pieces making them the lightest and easiest power chairs to take along with you.

The Easyfold Portable Power Wheelchair is designed for:

  • Anyone who wants to boost their physical independence
  • People who want innovation from the best folding electric power wheelchair on the market right now
  • Individuals who are in need of an upgrade from their current mobility aid but don’t want to be weighed down with a heavy power chair.  
  • Anyone confined to their home with a heavy power wheelchair who wants to remove their own limitations without the help of caregivers.
  • Anyone looking to encourage, mastermind, and help others be more successful in reaching their mobility goals

Learn more about Easyfold Canada

Visit our online store at www.easyfold.ca if you need to buy a lightweight portable power chair. We also provide a trusted servicing, repair and after sale service through our sister company, Mobility 1st at 1161 Florence Street.  

Call us at 1-855-444-8488 or email us at [email protected] We offer a comfortable and convenient home delivery service Canada wide from London Ontario.

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