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How long do wheelchair batteries last?

The overall lifetime of your battery will probably be 3 to 6 years – 3 years at the minimum. We wish we could give you a more precise answer, but the reality is that it depends on a lot of factors, both varying and fixed.

The following factors impact the wheelchair battery life

How long do wheelchair batteries last depends on how much you tend to do in one day, as well as the kind of terrain that you traverse in your wheelchair, will both influence battery life. If you’re quite active and like to explore off the beaten path, just know that it will cause more wear and tear on your power source. Hard, flat surfaces are the best for your battery.

Your weight is probably a fairly fixed factor, and it will affect your battery’s life. The lighter you are, the easier it will be on your battery. And, if you can help it, avoid constantly carrying heavy items while on your wheelchair, because more weight equals more battery strain.

How frequently you charge your battery also influences its lifetime, but that’s a whole topic of discussion in itself. Many wheelchairs come with two batteries, so that if one is failing, the other will still serve you. However, if you ever find yourself getting less than a day’s worth of work out of your batteries, it’s probably time to replace them both.

You might not realize it, how long do wheelchair batteries last depends on driving patterns because it affects your battery life. To optimize it, try to travel at a constant speed and don’t be a stop-and-go driver.

How do I best care for my portable wheelchair battery?

Avoid exposing your battery to extreme temperatures, and don’t leave your charger plugged in to the outlet while you’re not using it. If you want your battery to live the longest life possible, make sure its terminals are well-greased and wipe it down if you see it covered in any dirt or condensation.
EasyFold wheelchairs come with 2 removable LifePO4 Lithium-ion, 24V 6aH batteries and can travel 24 kms on a single charge. This is perfect for wheelchair users who love to explore hilly terrain, as both Elite and PRO model can travel on steep slopes.

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  1. Walter Wroblowsky says:

    Got my elite power chair in May. Took it on holidays to Nova Scotia and used it on smooth hard walkways as well as on other surfaces without any problems. The batteries were fantastic, used for hours at a time, and never seemed to run down. Love my chair, can keep up with the rest of the family. I’m 76 and suffer from back disability and a regular walker is fine for short distances but can now travel long distances over a longer period of time.

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