How To Load Easyfold Pro 2.0 Into Your Vehicle Without The Use Of A Ramp?

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How To Load EasyFold Pro 2.0 Into Your Vehicle Without The Use Of A Ramp?

Accessing or using a wheelchair is something that people with mobility issues or concerns love to do. They experience joy and freedom to explore the neighbourhood and live their life without any mobility issues.

This comfort and independence make them happy. The wheelchairs are of a different kind- manual and electric. If you are using the manual wheelchair, you will have to propel it on your own. And, if you are accessing the electric wheelchair, then you can control it through a powered joystick.

When it comes to comfort and independence, people generally prefer electric wheelchairs Canada. It gives them the liberty to go to the shops or travel around the local area. You can even move beyond the local area; pack the wheelchair, stuff it at the back of your car and go on a road trip.

Yes, nothing is impossible for you now!

Portability is one of the key factors for which EasyFold Pro 2.0 is so popular. With the electric wheelchairs helping you to get rid of your overall issues of moving around, you can choose to lead a positive and healthy life.

The question that many people ask about the electric wheelchair is how to fold or unfold it. Well, if you have got the right kind of wheelchair, then you already know the answer. But for those, who have no idea about it, let us help you.

Powerchairs can be folded or unfolded with a push on a fob key. It has enough room for users and can carry a weight of around 369 lbs. Being designed to fit your needs and suit your requirements, the powerchairs have the desired results that enable the users to enhance their lifestyle with a superb solution.

How is it your perfect travel companion?

The powerchairs have the right kind of features, which make it feasible for you to move around and enjoy exclusive independence. These lightweight electric wheelchairs are perfect for travelling around and giving you a good and comfortable experience of roaming on your own.

It folds down to a compact size; a size of luggage or a suitcase, which allows it to be stored at your home or transported anywhere by carrying it in the back of your car.

The EasyFold electric wheelchair is airline-approved. It is one of the best features of this wheelchair. It meets the regulations of FAA, DOT and TSSA, which makes it safer for you to travel by air, train, ship, bus or even road.

How to load the wheelchair into your vehicle?

If you have a dedicated person to take care of you then they can carry the wheelchair and put it onto the vehicle. It is a lightweight product and hence will not create any issues or problems for you. However, in case you don’t have any person to help you put the wheelchair at the back of your car, then you can do it with the EasyFold lift.

Using a ramp is something that everybody is not very fond of. They think it to be a problem to carry the ramp with them, place it in an exact position and use physical force to get the wheelchair in the car to get ready for your travel.

Compared to this, the EasyFold portable lift has proved to be of great help and is also easy to carry and use. Being portable itself, you can carry the lift with you anywhere you want. It comes in handy to the people, who need a hand to life their wheelchair and fit it in the back of their vehicle.

The portable lift platform is designed and developed to do the lifting for you, while you can relax. This platform weighs a mere 24 lbs and can lift to a height of 3 feet. It can carry a weight of 110 lbs product.

Using it is so simple. You don’t need any tools to assemble the lift. It is delivered to you fully assembled. It doesn’t need any outside power source, which also is a plus point. You can get your wheelchair into the back of your car without any effort.

It is equipped with wheels that allow you to take your wheelchair to the car, van or SUV, without having to carry it when unused. You don’t need to carry the weight. The wheels are good for quick and easy travel.

Final Words

Make your life easier and comfortable with the help of a powerchair. Forget your worries to carry your product or load EasyFold Pro 2.0 into your vehicle without any fancy tools. It is the best product that comes fully assembled and has wheels attached to it. Order your product now!

If you need any assistance, give a call to our experts, and they will help you travel easily and comfortably!

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