Make Your Lifting Easier with Portable Lift Platform - Easyfold Lift

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Make Your Lifting Easier with Portable Lift Platform – EasyFold Lift

EasyFold Lift

Imagine being able to use a wheelchair anywhere with you! Isn’t that an amazing thought? But what if we say this imagination can be true! Will you believe us?

Okay, let us introduce you to the terrific EasyFold Lift!

The lift is designed for those, who need a hand to lift their wheelchair at the back of their vehicle. If you are a person who loves travelling or moving around, then you must feel restricted or dependent when it comes to packing your wheelchair in your vehicle. To get you rid of the problem we have introduced this Portable Powerchair Lift.

People who are bound to their wheelchair often find it difficult to move around or keep their social life active. It leaves their life boring and has a negative impact on their overall mental and physical health.

Being stuck with your wheelchair for your entire life can be very daunting and tiring for you. It might distance you from the people you love and even your friends. This might lead to the feeling of alienation, which of course is not good for your mental peace and health.

To prevent yourself from facing such extreme experiences, you can choose a lightweight and portable wheelchair that will never restrict your movement. The powerchairs are the best option to meet this requirement.

Accessing or using a wheelchair ensures that your mobility issues or concerns are met explicitly. It gives you the freedom and joy to explore your neighbourhood and live your life without any issues.

How EasyFold Lift Can Be Used to Load Your Wheelchair?

If you have a dedicated person to look after you and help you move around, then you might feel dependent on them. They can help you carry the wheelchair and put it in your vehicle. But you might not have anybody around you all the time. At that time, you might feel helpless about it. You might then feel stuck that you can’t load your wheelchair at the back of your car on your own.

There is no need to feel it anymore. With EasyFold Lift, you can put the lift at the back of your vehicle’s trunk on your own. With the use of this lift, you can easily carry the wheelchair in your vehicle on your own.

Many people used a ramp to propel the LIGHTWEIGHT Electric Wheelchair to their car. However, using a ramp can be daunting because of its heavyweight. Placing it in an exact position requires you to use a lot of physical force. You need to get your wheelchair in the car and get ready for easy travel.

Compared to the ramp the portable lift is far more accessible and easier to carry. It would be of immense help and would not require any physical force for you. Being lightweight and portable, you can carry the lift anywhere and everywhere you want. It comes in handy for every user. If you need life on your own and need to fit your travelling companion onto the back of your vehicle, then the lift is your ideal choice.

What Makes EasyfoldLift the Best Option?

With a platform that weighs less than 24 lbs, the lift has the capability of carrying a 110 lbs product. It comes fully assembled, which assures you that you don’t need any tools to assemble. The lift can rise to the height of 3 feet that is high enough to be loaded into Sports Utility Vehicles.

The best feature of this lift is that it is equipped with wheels. The wheels allow you to easily guide your wheelchair to the car, van, SUV or, any other car model. It can do all lifting for you. It is delivered to you as an entirely assembled product. You can start using it right out of the box.

With our portable EasyFold lift, you can carry your wheelchair from your home to the car easily through a remote. You don’t need to use any kind of pressure or physical force to move the lift. Make your life easier and more comfortable with the help of your power chair.

Forget all your worries about carrying your EasyFold Electric Wheelchair when nobody is around. You can lift it in the back of your car, without any assistance. Having wheels attached to the lift makes it a wonderful product that you can use and explore.

When it comes to giving yourself a comfortable and independent feeling, you ought to feel liberty. You can take the wheelchair to go around to the shop. But most importantly, the lifts can help you travel around without any hassle. Stuff the wheelchair at the back of your car and go on a road trip on your own.

Nothing is impossible for you!

Final Words

Making your wheelchair portable and travel-friendly, you can choose to live a positive and healthy life with the help of the lift. This lightweight product helps you get rid of your mobility issues or problems for you. It is helpful for you to be ready for your travel, all the time.

Buy this amazing product and feel the independence, which otherwise, is not frequently available at your disposal.

If you need any assistance in making the purchase or need more detailed information about the product, give a call to our experts. Our team is available to answer your queries and help make your mobility comfortable!

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