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Powerchair Or Traditional Wheelchair- Which Is The Best Mobility Solution For You?

Wheelchairs have proven their worth in the market already. It has given them hope to the people with mobility issues that they can move again, easily. The traditional wheelchairs have a seating surface with wheels. It allows people with mobility concerns to explore the experience of moving around easily. But, choosing between a powerchair or […]

5 Tips for Wheelchair Accessible Travel

Wheelchair Accessible Travel

Wheelchair accessible travel can be stressful at times. Even the most experienced travellers can have stressful moments at some point during their trip. Travelling with disability brings even more stress but by no means does it make it impossible. The key is to plan your trip and plan well. Here is the list of our […]

EasyFold PRO 2.0 – Regain your ability to travel

Prepare yourself for a better and improved travel experience even when you are in a wheelchair. There is a myth among people that when once you are in a wheelchair, you lose your independence, your social life and your ability to travel. Remember, these are just myths. Get yourself LIGHTWEIGHT Electric Wheelchair and, you are all set […]

How to Maintain your EasyFold Wheelchair During Summer

This blog will briefly list a few things you can do to keep your EasyFold Wheelchair running smoothly during the summer. You will often be the first person to recognize when something is wrong. Knowing how to keep your equipment running during the more active summer months is important. Read the owner’s manual. The information […]

Why is EasyFold Canada’s Best-Selling Portable Power Chair Provider?

When a person is bound to a wheelchair or has a physical disability, recovering one’s independence becomes a major concern. With help of a portable power chair, you can manage this problem. There are many options available in the market that guarantees you a perfect mobility aid, which suits your needs and fulfils your requirements. […]

Why Is EasyFold Pro 2.0 Canada’s Bestselling Portable Power Provider?

The advancement of technologies has no boundaries or limitations. These technologies are covering several verticals, it’s not wrong to say almost all. The wheelchair industry is also feeling the change. It is not left untouched. Technologies have created a marvellous impact, and it has also helped in developing a good product for wheelchair users. The […]

Regain Your Independence With Affordable Electric Wheelchairs

Many people with chronic conditions such as spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis or other disability are unable to move on their own. Or in many cases, we have also seen it to be difficult for people to take part in their normal activities. The best solution for helping them to get rid of their mobility […]

Choose Your Electric Wheelchair From the Different EasyFold Models

Stay active, and always have a command over your move. Age should not take away your life’s freedom and fun. You can still be in charge of your life and your movement. There is nothing that can stop you from living your life to the fullest. After a certain age, people find it difficult to […]

Why Use Electric Powerchairs That Weigh Less & Are More Portable?

The motorized wheelchair or electric wheelchair has gained a stronghold in the market, thanks to its exclusive functionalities and features. The market is flooded with some extraordinary powerchairs. It is developed to meet the needs and demands of the users. Different people have different needs through their wheelchairs. The folding wheelchair is more foldable and […]

Why You Should Invest In EasyfoldPRO 2.0?

The elderly and disabled people require to move independently, for which they need powerful equipment. Power wheelchairs have gained excellent popularity in this regard. Power wheelchairs are electric wheelchairs that run perfectly on the convenience of the individuals using them. The ease and convenience that it supplies are excellent. Even though power chairs have electric […]